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Discovery Flights

A no obligation Discovery Flight is a great way for you to get a first hand feel of what its like to fly an airplane!

Our FAA certified pilot gives you a short briefing and off you go! You will get a chance to see what is involved in the different phases of flight such as takeoff, cruise, and landing. Our airplanes have dual controls so you will get a chance to fly the plane yourself.You’ll discover that flying an airplane is not as difficult as you thought it might be, and is actually an amazingly satisfying experience!

Q:What does an introductory flight cost?

 Let's Go Fly Academy’s Discovery Flights start at just $199.99

Q:When can I take an introductory flight?

Let's Go Fly Academy can schedule a Discovery Flight on any day to fit your schedule, weather permitting.  Call us at (504) 957-8509 to discuss your needs.

Q:What kind of Airplane can I fly in?

Let's Go Fly Academy offers Discovery Flights in 1 types of airplanes — a 4 seat Cessna 172N they are some of the most popular trainers in the world, and ones you could use to train in if you choose to continue on to get your pilot license.

Q:Can I bring a friend or family member on the introductory flight?

You may bring a friend or family member if you conduct your flight in the Cessna 172N.

Q:Can I give an Introductory Flight as a Gift?

YES!  Discovery Flights make great gifts for that special someone – it’s an amazing experience they will never forget! Prior recipients have taken an evening sunset flight which they told us was “the best gift ever”.  Call us and we’ll be happy to send you a personalized gift certificate for you to give to the recipient.  They can then call us to schedule the flight to fit their scheduling needs.

Q:Do I need to be a US Citizen to take an introductory flight?

NO!  Anyone can take a Discovery Flight.  If you decide to continue on and take lessons, you either need to be a US citizen or apply for approval under the Alien Flight Student Program, prior to receiving any flight training. If you’re not a US citizen, we will assist you with the approval process.

To schedule your Let's Go Fly Academy Introductory Flight experience. you can contact us at (504) 957-8509 or Schedule an appointment online, just click below

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