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Introductory Beginner Flight Training Courses

​Let's Go Fly Club, offers flight training as well for pilot ratings in airplanes, both single engine and multi-engine aircraft. The following is a list of the courses offered which can lead to a career as a professional pilot in aviation or just for your recreational desires.

All prices listed below are subject to change without notice.

A Discovery flight is a 30 minute flight in a Cessna 172N that gives you the opportunity to see what it is like to pilot an aircraft. You will fly in the left seat (the pilot's seat) and handle the controls with the assistance of an FAA certified flight instructor. With his help, you will learn to fly the 4 basics of flight, straight and level, climbs, descents and turns. Then you will return to the airport where he will talk you through your first landing. Also included is 30 minutes of PRE and POST flight briefings.





Package Options:
Cessna 172N Packages



Let's Go Fly Academy, offers a ten-hour introductory course. For $2,500.00, you will receive a pilots logbook, approximately three and a half hours of Ground Video training, three and a half hours of personal, one on one Ground School with a flight instructor, and three hours of actual flight training in a Cessna 172N aircraft. The ground and flight training you receive will count towards obtaining your private pilots license, and includes the aircraft, flight instructor, and pre & post-flight briefings in connection with these flights. Your flight instructor will log your flight time in your own pilot's logbook.

This introductory course is designed to give you a chance to see if you like flying and would like to continue towards your pilot's license.

This ten-hour course is an excellent opportunity for someone who has never flown, or someone with very little flying experience, to handle the controls of the aircraft and perform some basic flying maneuvers. During these lessons you will receive pre and post flight briefing before and after each flight, learn how to pre-flight the aircraft, fly the aircraft from the left seat, the pilots seat, learn to takeoff, climb and descend, fly straight and level, perform shallow and medium bank turns, and to use the throttle and flaps. You will also perform certain "ground reference" maneuvers at lower altitudes to see how the wind affects your track over the ground and learn how to correct for wind drift. In many instances we may even be able to talk you through landing the aircraft (it's not as hard as you may think).

If this sort of adventure is for you, or if you have been thinking about flying and really would like to give it a try, this is an excellent opportunity to start flying for a very reasonable price



Total 1st Lesson Time = 3.7 hours1.0 hours Maneuvers Volume I Video - Pre-flight procedures and engine starting, taxiing, straight and level, climbs, descents, turns, airport operations

 .7 hoursPreflight ground briefing

 .7 hoursPreflight aircraft and cockpit procedures

 1.0 hoursFlight lesson

 .3 hoursPost-flight ground briefing


Total 2nd Lesson Time = 3.1 hours.8 hours Maneuvers Volume II Video - Slow flight, various stalls, steep turns & ground reference maneuvers

 .6 hours Pre-flight ground briefing

 .4 hours Pre-flight aircraft

 1.0 hours Flight lesson

 .3 hours Post-flight ground briefing



Total 3rd Lesson Time = 3.2 hours1.1 hours Part I Fundamentals of Flight: Airplane Systems, Power Plant and Flight Instruments

 .3 hours Pre-flight ground briefing

 1.0 hours Flight lesson

 .2 hours Post-flight ground briefing

 .6 hours Part I Fundamentals of Flight: The Four Forces of Flight

12 Total Hours of Combined Ground, Video and Flight Training

12 hours actual Aircraft Dual Flight Time with a Certified Flight Instructor in a Cessna 172N Includes up to 5 hours of Ground Instruction.

 Great for pilots who wish to brush up their skills or for non-licensed pilots to save by purchasing 10 hours dual training at a time.


10 Hour Flight Training - $2,500.00




Flight School - Private Pilot License

What can I expect on my First Flight???

As with starting anything new, there will be a certain amount of anxiety going into your first couple of flights. We understand that here at Let's Go Fly Academy, so we have decided to include this section to help ease your mind and let you focus on how exciting your first few lessons will be!

  • Prior to Flight

    • We will start by introducing you to your airplane. This will include walking around the plane and talking about various parts, why they're there, and how they work.

    • After our walk around we will take a look inside the airplane. You will notice what will seem like a lot of foreign instruments. We'll narrow all of the things you see down to our most important instruments, then we'll talk about why they're there and how they'll be helping you in your training.

    • Now that we know our airplane we'll step back from it for a few minutes and observe our airport environment. The details will be discusses later on in the training, but we will talk a little bit about some of the basic things we'll be dealing with.

  • Starting the Engine, Taxi, and Run-Up

    • In order to get moving we obviously need to get the engine running, so we'll discuss the procedure for starting the engine.

    • Now that we have the ability to move, we need to get to the runway. There's no steering wheel in an airplane that steers the airplane around on the ground (such as in your car), so we'll need to introduce how to "drive" the airplane on the ground. This is referred to as taxiing.

    • One very important step prior to flight that is not used when driving a car is an engine run-up. Unlike in a car, if our engine isn't working optimally or quits on us, we can not pull over to the side of the road and take a look at it. This is the purpose of our engine run-up. It lets us double check everything and make sure things are running correctly before we start flying.

  • The Flight

    • Now comes the exciting part! We are finally going to get this bird into the sky. In order to do this, we need to Take Off. We'll talk a little bit about what will be expected when you put the power in and go over the procedure used to get ourselves into the sky.

    • The flight portion will be a bit shorter on the first flight or two due to the time spent on the ground, but things we'll be experiencing will include how the airplane reacts when we do certain things, communication, and various safety items and how to avoid problems.

    • Ok, so now we're flying. I know you will want to stay up here all day, but unfortunately the old adage "what goes up must come down" holds true for us. This being said, we'll introduce the landing process.

  • After the Flight

    • This may sound as simple as turning off the engine and getting on with our day, but there are certain things that must be done to an aircraft before you can walk away from it. This list would include the Tie Down. We would like the plane to be in the same place we left it when we come back to it, so we'll talk about how Let's Go Fly Academy likes our planes to be properly Post-Flighted.

    • Finally, we'll wrap things up by getting any questions and/or concerns out of the way, talk about how the lesson went, and then talk about what to expect on the next lesson.

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