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Commercial Property

Drone inspection makes it possible to access areas that may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and safe way.

Benefits of drone inspection

Using our drone inspection services for visual inspection, provide benefits such as:

  • inspection of areas difficult to access

  • preventive maintenance planning and optimised production

  • access to areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to humans

  • quick on-site deployment of the drone inspection system 

  • authorised and qualified UAV-inspection personnel

  • reduced downtime.

Let's Go Fly ACADEMY drone solution 

Visual inspection by an unmanned drone is a quick and cost-conscious inspection method for onshore and offshore constructions i.e. tanks, wind turbines, chimneys, bridges and other hard to reach installations. Drone inspection enables access to otherwise inaccessible structures and details, offering immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time consuming and costly inspection methods like helicopter, rope access, sky-lifts, cherry pickers and scaffolding.

At Let's Go Fly Academy, we only use drones when it is the optimal solution. Based on our extensive experience with and knowledge of all types of inspection, we always offer the best solution, tailor made for the job – with or without a drone.

Where can drone inspection be applied?

Drone inspection can be applied anywhere outdoor, indoor and offshore. A drone inspection improves operator safety, as they are situated at a safe distance from the inspection.

The method improves safety, as everyone are situated at a safe distance from the inspection area.


Drones can be used to inspect a huge range of at-height and confined space assets. Some common applications include:

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