Professional Drone Photography

Creating low altitude aerial photography suitable for advertising and marketing purposes has changed drastically with the advent of hi-res drone photography. Simply put there is not a more cost effective way to capture low altitude aerial photographs than by using drones equipped with hi-resolution cameras like the ones Let's Go Fly Academy uses.

The angle and point of view that we are able to achieve with drone photography allows us to compose images that previously would be either to expensive or impossible to create in most circumstances.

Low altitude aerial photos are the perfect way to promote your business location and make your services stand out from your competitors.

We take the time necessary to understand your business objectives prior to launching any project. We understand that not all projects and properties are alike and that a cookie-cutter template won’t always work for you.

Shown above are a small selection of some of the many digital aerial photography images we have recently captured on assignments for some of our clients.

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