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Pipeline Patrol

Fixed Wing Aerial | Pipeline Patrol

Airplanes are one of the most effective methods of aerial utility and pipeline patrol. They offer excellent visibility, the ability to fly low and slow,  and land if needed. The Airplane has the ability to immediately evaluate leaks, washouts, or other activity near the right-of-way and is a valuable assessment and prevention tool. It increases immediate availability to problem situations.


Let's Go Fly Academy's Approach


Let's Go fly Academy has used Airplanes for pipeline patrol for years, and are the best choice for pipeline patrol for several important reasons. First, Fixed Wing Aircraft have powerful, turbo-charged piston engines. This ensures safety and control even at high altitudes and in hot weather. Second, Airplanes offer better visibility than and can fly much closer to the aerial patrol right-of-way. This is especially important in densely forested areas where right-of-way visibility is limited. Finally, Fixed Wing Aircraft are cost-effective to maintain and operate, allowing cost savings to be passed directly on to pipeline operators. Aerial patrol requires the right aircraft, and are by far the best fit.

Fixed Wing Patrol Service

  • Pipeline Patrol

  • Power Line Patrol

  • Fiber-optic Line Patrol

  • Cathodic Protection Surveys

  • Pipeline Construction Support

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Right-of-Way Aerial Videotaping

  • Structure Photography

  • Span Surveys 

  • GPS Mapping

  • Emergency Line Inspection


Fixed Wing Pipeline Patrol

It is more important than ever for pipeline operators to have an fixed wing pipeline patrol partner they can trust.Our fixed wing patrol service is an excellent way for operators to meet government regulations without compromising on quality.  What makes Falcon’s fixed wing aerial patrol stand out?  Simple, our commitment to service.  The aerial patrol industry is becoming increasingly complicated, so it’s important to go with a provider that has the experience, safety record, compliance, and availability for both liquid and gas lines – nationwide.

Let's Go Fly Academy's fixed wing aerial patrol is both economical and reliable.  The requirements for aerial patrol can be either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  It is essential to have at least two aircraft per route.  This ensures that in the event of maintenance or delays, the patrols are done on schedule utilizing the backup aircraft.  Some companies may offer “low cost” patrol services; however, the low cost typically means cutting corners on either insurance, maintenance, or aircraft availability.  This results in problems completing the patrols in the required time frame and will increase costs and frustration.  Falcon’s fixed wing aerial patrol service doesn’t cut corners.  Not only that, Lat's Go Fly Academy maintains reasonable prices with the guarantee that the work will be done right and on schedule.

Fixed wing aerial patrol requires the proper approach to do it well.  When our pilot is flying a route, that route is their one job.  Unlike other companies, we dont “cut costs” by doubling up on lines or flying more than one route at a time.  Also, GPS locators and computer mapping programs provide daily reports of progress, issues spotted, and documentation to show that the aerial patrol work was done.  Falcon pilots check in routinely throughout the day and their progress is monitored by central operations.  This ensures a smooth, efficient operation with accountability and the guarantee that the work is done properly.

Insurance and compliance requirements must be met by providers of aerial patrol in the oil and gas industry.  Aircraft liability insurance for single engine aircraft is very expensive and can be difficult to obtain at the levels required by pipeline operators. our company meets all insurance requirements and can diffuse those costs among multiple contracts.  Not only that, Operator Qualification standards for liquid and gas lines can be complicated and difficult to maintain.  We streamline this with its exceptional Operator Qualification program that utilizes both ISNetworld and Veriforce.  All our pilots hold operator qualifications, so there is never a question of compliance.

Let's Go Fly Academy is by far the best provider of fixed wing aerial patrol in the industry.  The service is exceptional with the accountability, documentation, and compliance required of an aerial patrol service provider.

Aerial Enviromental Surveys

Let's Go Fly Academy provides a unique perspective for companies in need of aerial environmental surveys and research.  More and more environmental companies rely on aircraft for surveying large research areas in unique wildlife populations or hazard areas.  The benefits of utilizing fixed wing aircraft in environmental research are numerous.  First, researchers can gain access to hard to reach locations with minimal disturbance to the wildlife.  Second, aircraft surveys allow personnel to monitor environmental patterns through aerial photography and a broader perspective from above.  Finally, environmental factors such as flooding, fires, corrosion, or soil movement may limit access to locations where environmental surveys are needed.

Environmental wildlife surveys with fixed wing aircraft are highly useful especially during seasons in which populations cannot be disturbed from land access.

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