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 Let's Go Fly Club's mission is to provide a world-class flight  experience by setting the highest standards of Aviation flight and or instruction in an atmosphere of mentor ship and community. Located at the Gonzales Louisiana  Regional Airport (KREG) , we offer Memberships and  aviation education for members or students of all levels. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned professional pilot, our world-class staff will give you the best training you can find in Southern Louisiana, and beyond.

Flying is the Best thing We do.

Few of us experience the exhilaration of actually flying an airplane. It takes training, knowledge and skill to master the art and science of flight. Those who do have a mystique about them that the rest of us can only admire. And those who attain the status of professional pilot have opportunities available to them that the rest of us can only dream about.

There are many steps to take toward becoming a professional pilot. At Let's Go Fly Club  you can qualify for any or all of the certifications you will need: Private Pilot's License, Commercial Pilot's License, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Instructor, Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot. To successfully complete and be certified in ALL of the courses in preparation for becoming a Career/Professional Pilot requires 4 to 6 months on average, depending on your prior preparation, dedication, skill level, and aptitude.

At Let's Go Fly Club, your education and training is structured so that your Career/Professional Pilot program can be completed in significantly less time, and at much less cost than similar programs in schools in many other countries. In our intensive programs, you get the flying hours you need over a shorter period of time. You’ll learn more and learn it more quickly!

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